Accountable Healthcare - From the Journal of a New Recruiter
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April 19, 2017

From the Journal of a New Recruiter

As I walked in and shook the hands of all my seasoned co-workers and was greeted by my extremely knowledgeable and helpful leadership team, immediately, I felt the pressure. I knew then I was coming into a league of extraordinary men and women who were willing to bend over backwards for their nurses and clients. Automatically, I knew that I would be expected to do the same. Once I sat down at my desk, the phone rang and it was the IT department setting up my computer and making sure all the resources I had to be successful were at my fingertips. With all the latest systems , programs, websites, and applications I would be asked to learn, I knew I better get on the ball quickly as it had already began rolling. There was no time to slouch, rather, it was time to put the pedal to the metal and find myself some great nurses who wanted some excellent opportunities. The first couple of days were interesting and I learned three very valuable things about nurses,
  • Nurses are very busy! So you need to know what you’re talking about and what you need in the little window that you have to speak with them while they are working or getting prepared for work. The time they are spending with us is time they could be spending with a patient. Nurses are serious about the level of care they provide to their patients.
  • Many nurses have very complicated lives outside of work! So patience and understanding is the key to get the best responses from them. Life is crazy for us all, but for those who are saving lives, we need to understand the stress this can cause on their personal lives and be more sensitive to them.
  • Many have a great sense of humor and an extremely witty personality! I can’t tell you how many times I am on the phone with a nurse and my cheeks are aching from smiling so much. These are professionals who have seen a lot of crazy things. Maybe we should start our day asking them how their days are! After all, Accountable is not just a Staffing Agency but a family!
At the end of the day, I am normally approached by leadership checking on me and we discuss the things that I have learned thus far. Then, I am given great ideas from them and encouraged to try more efficient methods to connect better with my nurse. Although the days can be long, there is nothing like calling a nurse on the phone and letting them know…CONGRATULATIONS. YOU GOT THE JOB!!!!