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October 17, 2017

Top Warm Weather Winter Travel Locations

Now is the time of year that many snowbirds – and many warm weather people- start their annual migration to the Southern portion of the US. And for Travelers who love warm weather, this is the perfect opportunity to explore some great locations! Here are some of our favorite travel locations:
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
    • Summer doesn’t really end here, and during the day, the sun keeps the city toasty warm! Nights are comfortably cool and the skies are clear; perfect for star viewing and late night adventures.
  • New Orleans, LA
    • Full of life, food, and laughter! Right now is the perfect time for a visit: fewer tourists, more seating space at some of the BEST restaurants in the country, and holiday festivities (Halloween, Christmas and New Years are LEGENDARY)!
  • San Diego, CA
    • It’s pretty quiet this time of year in San Diego which means you’ll have more access to a world-class zoo, better tee times, and, of course, the beaches. Don’t forget your wetsuit though, that water is cold!
  • Savannah, GA
    • Charming, Southern, and Full of History. You can’t beat the quaint town squares, the fantastic trees, and, of course, warm weather - think shorts until December!
  • San Antonio, TX
    • The Riverwalk is iconic, and right now is a perfect time! You’ll have lots of fun without all the tourists among the 1.8 million LEDs that light your way through all the fall/winter festivals.