Accountable Healthcare - Movember
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November 1, 2017


On average, men will die 6 years earlier than women and men experience worse longer-term health than women. This is a crisis that the Movember Foundation seeks to bring attention to by inspiring conversation about men’s general health as well as the 3 biggest issues facing men today: Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Mental Health & Suicide Prevention.  The good news is that action can be taken! Here are the top 5 things men can do to take action to live healthier, happier, and longer lives.
  1. Man Time is Important- spend time with your friends on a regular basis so you can stay connected.
  2. Reaching Out is Critical – only 40% of men say they rely on their friends. But being there for someone, listening, and giving your time can be life-saving
  3. Know the Numbers – the risk of prostate cancer increases as you get older. Knowing your numbers, knowing your risk, and talking to your doctor about it can make a significant difference.
  4. Know your Boys – Testicular cancer is not something anyone wants to go through; if you notice anything unusual, get to the doctor
  5. Start Moving; Keep Moving – Adding more activity to your day can make you feel better and help you live longer
Want to know more about these issues and how you can bring more attention to Men’s Health? Check out the Movember Foundation’s website and get involved!