Accountable Healthcare - Tips for Establishing a Successful Relationship with your Recruiter
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February 15, 2018

Tips for Establishing a Successful Relationship with your Recruiter

Much of life is about relationships.  The relationship with family and loved ones, relationships with your co-workers, relationships with your patients, and for traveling healthcare professionals, the relationship with your recruiter.  Successful travel nurses will tell you that next to your loved ones, the relationship you have with your recruiter is going to be the most important one.  Let’s take a look at the things that contribute to a successful, long-term relationship with your recruiter. 1.) Communication is key. Surprising to no one, both recruiters and healthcare professionals will tell you that communication between both parties is the most important aspect of the relationship. A recruiter has to understand your wants and needs, and the only way they can do that is if you elaborate for them. Most recruiters are pretty amazing, but very few if any are mind readers.  Phone conversations are typically the best way to communicate because there is a greater chance that nothing gets lost in translation, but even email communication can help cultivate understanding and trust. 2.) Recruiters are people too. Another key to a strong relationship with your recruiter is to recognize that they are more than just a voice on the other end of the line who is going to help you make money.  Just as your recruiter wants to understand you, it is equally important that you understand them.  Find common points of interest that you both share.  By doing that you are giving them more insight into who you are and what makes you tick.  And just like you would with an old friend, feel free to call them up on occasion just to say hi and ask how they are doing. 3.) Have an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Of course being a recruiter is their chosen profession, just like being a healthcare professional is your choice.  Think about how nice it feels when a patient and their family thank you and are totally sincere in their appreciation of how you cared for them.  A good recruiter cares about you and wants to find you the best opportunity to flourish and be successful.  Appreciating their advocacy for your career goes a long way toward cementing your relationship now and in the future. 4.) There is no T.M.I. Unlike many aspects of life, when it comes to your recruiter, there is no such thing as “Too Much Information.” At least when it comes to your travel assignments.  Never hesitate to share your amazing adventures with your recruiter.  For example, those breath-taking photos you snapped at Zion while on assignment, send a few to your recruiter.  Let’s face it, you are the one who is traveling around the country exploring and enjoying all there is to see and do, so it is only fair that they get to experience some of that adventure from afar.  Trust me, they will appreciate it! 5.) Let it out. It is pretty fair to say that no good ever comes from letting things get bottled up inside of you.  When was that ever a successful strategy with your significant other?  The same goes for having an open and honest relationship with your recruiter.  If there is an issue that arises, talk it out.  If you have a question or concern about something while out on assignment, pick up the phone and say hey. Your recruiter wants to be there for you and wants you to have successful assignments.  The most important aspect of building trust is openness about things good or bad. Posted by Gypsy Nurse - Feb. 2018