Accountable Healthcare - Travel Nursing Offers a Profession On the Go
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April 26, 2018

Travel Nursing Offers a Profession On the Go

Thanks to technology, the nursing profession is more mobile than ever before. Trained nurses can take their services to patients across the country without being affiliated with a specific healthcare organization. This flexibility allows traveling nurses to make their own hours and take on the jobs they want, as long as the demand for their services is strong. Traveling nurses can play vital roles in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and various other care facilities. They are generally employed for short- or long-term assignments, many of which start around the 12-week mark. Travel Nurse Requirements Here are some typical requirements for a travel nurse, according to various descriptions researched from the career services job board » Graduate from an accredited school of nursing, BSN preferred » Minimum of two years specialty experience, such as medical-surgical or pediatrics » Current state licensure or compact license » BCLS required » ACLS preferred » Other credentials may be required by client facility Filling a Critical Gap Travel nurses make it possible for healthcare organizations to complement their staff by hiring support staff during peak times. This workflow fluidity helps hospitals and urgent care centers have someone on call for emergency situations or when full-time staffing cuts are expected. Travel Nursing Perks The major benefit of travel nursing is the freedom to choose where you live and work. Travel nurses often move locations a few times per year, allowing them to build new relationships and check out different parts of the country. Pay for travel nurses is competitive, and the healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the career world. If traveling while building your career is an attractive proposition for you, travel nursing may be the job for you. Check with your local university or community college to see how to get started in the profession. Source: