Accountable Healthcare - The Perks of Travel Nursing
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June 25, 2018

The Perks of Travel Nursing

Imagine landing a phenomenal job that allowed you to make fabulous money, travel the nation and help those in need. Doing so is now possible for travel nurses. It’s true. The profession often pays better than permanent positions. At the same time, the nurses get to experience several different cities and cultures throughout the United States. Travel nursing is ideal for both new grads and seasoned professionals. This type of career structure enables the healthcare professional to see a variety of different facilities and learn how each one operates in its own manner with regards to protocol, active approaches to treatment and internal operations. This knowledge allows for a better educated decision as to what a nurse wants out of a long-term assignment. “When I began working in a doctor’s office right after nursing school, I wasn’t making much money,” explained Heather Reynolds, a registered nurse from San Diego. “Now that I am a traveling nurse, I make a six-figure salary and I get to see different parts of our beautiful country.” There is no question that traveling nurses are paid well. According to Indeed, there is money allocated for cost-free housing and travel expenses. Reliable medical, dental and life insurance is affordable, while 401(k) retirement plans are offered. Traveling nurses can even take advantage of incentives merely for referring their coworkers to jobs. Besides sizeable paychecks and marvelous benefits, traveling nurses get to take exhilarating expeditions, from the picturesque Florida sunshine and Texas deserts to Minnesota snowfall and California beaches. Whether a registered nurse is looking for exciting city life or small town charm, it is up to an individual to choose his or her own adventure. Their free housing comes fully furnished to make the RNs feel right at home. It is up to the nurse to choose a location based on weather and personal interests. Snowbirds can trek south for the winter, and hikers may venture to the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina for the summer. After all, traveling nurses are needed everywhere throughout the year. Traveling nurses get to enjoy a handful of other benefits. For starters, RNs have the flexibility to choose their positions based on the length of their contracts, whether it is 13 or 26 weeks. A nurse can then take time off between assignments to go on vacation. Traveling nurses get to explore new cities, as well as meet new people, whether it is a future spouse or a business connection at a hospital in Chicago. Folks are delighted to visit new parts of the country and develop new hobbies. As an added bonus, a registered nurse can often travel with their dogs, cats and other pets. Finally, there is always room for career advancement. When you want the best healthcare staffing company, depend on Accountable Healthcare Staffing. Whether it is a major medical center, a community hospital, an outpatient clinic, a rehab or a long-term care facility, our reliable team members work to match our healthcare professionals with ideal jobs. Call Accountable Healthcare Staffing now to speak to a recruiter, 888.740.4341.