Accountable Healthcare - Local Charity Benefits From Dallas Travel Donations
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July 26, 2018

Local Charity Benefits From Dallas Travel Donations Crossroads Community Services was founded in 2001 as an urban outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church of Dallas, with a mission to compassionately provide tangible support to neighbors in need. Throughout its history, Crossroads has been about nourishing people and powering change. In 2015, with faithful support of the Church, Crossroads rebranded itself and began operating as an independent nonprofit organization in order to gain wider community support. Today, Crossroads' mission is to nourish our community’s low-income families by providing nutritious food and supportive education. Over the years, we have learned the value of giving more food per person per visit. On average, a family of four receives 100 pounds of groceries, with an estimated retail value of $200. By distributing substantial amounts of wholesome food, Crossroads strives to meet the basic food needs of all our clients, while helping to supplement their household incomes. At Crossroads, we believe there are no quick-fix, sound-bite solutions to deeply entrenched social and economic problems. We do this work because no one, especially children, should have to experience the physical and emotional impact of missing multiple meals.