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August 15, 2018

Exploring The Heart of Accountable

In the coming weeks, Accountable Healthcare Staffing will be highlighting the gears behind the Machine that makes this complex hiring process run so smoothly. These individuals clearly deserve recognition for their enormous contributions. We love their dedication, passion and energy that they bring to our branches and our Healthcare professionals every day. Today, Accountable is recognizing the talented DC Compliance department:

Robin Sheriff, Compliance Manager

Charlie Rutherford, Compliance Specialist

Monique Reid, Compliance Specialist

"These three are the backbone to our operation”, said Charlene Benvenuto, Branch Manager. “They jump through hoops to ensure our professionals are credentialed to start on time.  Robin worked very hard to ensure DC Metro scored a 100% on our Joint Commission audit in 2017. Without these three we could not drive our business and the level of service they provide to our professionals. We thank them for all their hard work and dedication to Accountable and the DC Branch!" Robin Sheriff (bottom) Charlie Rutherford (middle) and Monique Reid (Top)