Accountable Healthcare - Do these five things to stay healthy in your desk job
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January 2, 2019

Do these five things to stay healthy in your desk job

If your job means that you are sitting for most of the day, this can easily go out of the window; however, you can incorporate healthy living into your daily routine without disrupting your work. Let’s take a look at five things, published by Recruiting Times, you can start today in the quest for a healthier you.

1. Move it

Sitting all day leaves us feeling lethargic and sluggish; however, you can increase your movement on the way to and from work and during your working day. You could cycle or walk to work; alternatively, if this is not for you, try parking your car further away for a short walk in the morning or get off public transport two stops early.

2. Water, water, everywhere

Ditch the coffee and switch to water. Get yourself a snazzy reusable water bottle and keep it on your desk, sipping the water all day to hydrate your body and mind. While a coffee jolt might seem the quickest way to perk up, staying hydrated with water is much better for you. Water is crucial for brain function; in addition, water does not come with its inherent caffeine crash and has zero calories. Office water coolers are fantastic – lobby the boss and get one installed for instant cool, fresh, crisp water.

3. Walk and talk

Do you have a mobile phone on your desk? One of the key features of our beloved phones, which we often overlook, is that they can be used on the move. Whenever you have to take a call, get up and walk around. Take long phone meetings or conference calls on the move. If there is a park or green space near your place of work, suggest a walking meeting. Not only are you getting some much-needed movement but also being outside can really clear the head and oil the wheels of the thinktank.

4. Eat al fresco

You could also eat your lunch outside, weather permitting, for a shot of fresh air to awaken your mind and spirit.

5. Sit up straight

Sitting at a desk day in and day out plays havoc with our posture. Employers should take care of their employees, so speak to your occupational health department about making your desk space fully ergonomic. You should have a proper chair that supports your lower back, your screen should be at eye level, and you can get wrist supports for use when typing or clicking the mouse. Even better, get a standing desk. Standing burns more calories and even lowers blood sugar and cholesterol – we promise that you will feel the benefits.

So there we have it. Start today – take that call or meeting outside, buy a water bottle on your lunch break and start improving your health. fffffffffff