Accountable Healthcare - Meet our Traveler of the Week: Krista McGallion
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December 30, 2019

Meet our Traveler of the Week: Krista McGallion

When did you become a nurse and why?
I became a nurse May 2014. I became one because I have always liked caring for others and helping family when they were sick.

What made you go into travel nursing?
I love to travel. My daddy was a pipe fitter for most of my childhood, so during the summers, we would travel to wherever he was working. That gave me a taste for travel that followed me into my adult life. I was thrilled when I learned about being able to travel as a nurse because I had thought I would be stuck in one place once hired!

What has been your favorite location for travel nursing so far and why?
Tuscon, AZ has to be my favorite so far cause I got to meet an aunt and uncle of mine and really got to know them!

What is your favorite thing about travel nursing (the experience, locations, training, etc.)?
The experience. I love to check out and see what the locals do. I'm usually good at making friends, so I often meet up with coworkers after work and get to see all the interesting sights!

What advice can you give others who are interested in travel nursing?
Do it. Do at least one job in a place you have always wanted to go. There is no experience like it and it is nice to broaden your horizon when comes to nursing because every facility is different and some will do things you would have never thought of!

Thank you Krista for being a huge part of the Accountable Travel Team!