Accountable Healthcare - Employee Spotlight – Hayli Wilson
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January 6, 2020

Employee Spotlight – Hayli Wilson

Hayli has been with Accountable the last 8 months and is finally feeling like maybe she is finding her groove in all this Corrections recruiting. It's very different then what she has recruited for in the past. Before Accountable she worked as a recruiter helping place RN and LPNs in Pediatric Home Health settings. Prior to that she was direct care with the elderly for 3 years and worked with adults and children with special needs for 5 years prior to moving to Oklahoma in 2014.

She has a great report with all of the nurses she reaches out to and her coworkers love her enthusiasm and spunk! She is very honest with the HCPs and lets them know what to expect in the correctional settings so there are no surprises when they hear the banging doors.

She loves being a mom to her almost 7 year old daughter Ryane. They enjoy playing board games and cards. Hayli also loves hunting and fishing and being outdoors, playing her new virtual reality on her PlayStation, watching movies and hanging out with friends.

Thank you Hayli for all you do and we are super excited for your future here at Accountable with the Corrections Team!