Accountable Healthcare - Meet our Traveler of the Week: Colleen Murphy
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January 28, 2020

Meet our Traveler of the Week: Colleen Murphy

When did you become a nurse and why?

1999…My oldest son was born blind and deaf..i had to learn how help with his feeding tube fitting and trach care..that inspired me to become a nurse.

What made you go into travel nursing?

Husband was in the military so that provided a good opportunity to explore new locations and hospitals.

What has been your favorite location for travel nursing so far and why?

Salt Lake City Utah..people were kind, accepting and wanted to teach and help me learn.

What is your favorite thing about travel nursing (the experience, locations, training, etc.)?

Appreciate the variety of being able to choose a location anywhere in U.S.

What advice can you give others who are interested in travel nursing?

Just do it…most rewarding experience…don’t think about it don’t hesitate just do it!

We are so grateful that our lives crossed paths! You’re an amazing nurse!