Accountable Healthcare - Employee Spotlight –Robert Slone
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February 3, 2020

Employee Spotlight –Robert Slone

Robert has been with Accountable since 2012. Working out of our Tampa branch, he handles HR /Payroll. Robert has always wanted to learn how to do all aspects of the operations and excels in all Areas!! He has worked diligently on Processing.

Robert has a can-do attitude and always willing to go the extra mile and makes sure his HCPs are receiving white-glove service when it comes to their compensation. He is currently leading the charge with the branch's focus on LCMCM and mastering Einstein for our MSP in Louisiana.

With 20-40 Sitters for our New Orleans MSP, he has made sure everyone is Compliant to Attend Orientation as well as his daily tasks such as Payroll/HR. Robert is a Team Player and always willing to go above and beyond to make this Branch Successful!

So proud to have him as a Team Member for Tampa!