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February 18, 2020

Meet the Accountable School Staffing Division

The Accountable School Staffing Division is located in Bedford, Texas and works primarily with Special Education and Health Services departments placing a variety of HCPs that include School Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Nurses, Special Education Teachers, Social Workers, Interpreters and more. 

The School Division works with both local candidates and Travelers and has placed HCPs in 27 states since the division was started in 2013. The primary target states for the division are Texas, California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida. 

Accountable chose to break out the school setting into a separate division as there are aspects of the business that are very different than other business lines. The School Division has its own Accountable contracts, an additional insurance policy, unique risk management factors, a year-round pay option, specific credentialing which includes fingerprinting in certain states and is well equipped to respond to RFPs that are often required to do business in schools.

As Accountable needs to remain prepared to deal with the nuances of this business line, all school leads and clients must be directed to the School Division.  If there is a district in your area that has nursing potential, the School Division can loop your branch in for network opportunities while also making certain the district has access to the full spectrum of professionals that Accountable Schools can provide.

The division is led by Julie McCullam, School Division Director and Josh Jones, Division Operations Manager. School leads can be sent to or you can reach them at 888-853-0979 to discuss as well.

The Schools Division has an excellent working relationship with several local divisions and Travel. They look forward to the opportunity to work with more branches on network opportunities in the future as well! One Accountable!

Featured in the picture above: Top Row: Brooke Farley, Marcus Brigham, Josh Jones, Dani Dotson, Mark Tiefenbrun, Marcus Hubbard; Middle Row: Estelle Keonakhone, Tam Austin, Natalie Howe; Bottom Row: Callie Haley, Julie McCullam, Vivian Torres, Jenny Hoang, Allen McFarland, Rachel King