Accountable Healthcare - Jessica Pieruccini – Employee Spotlight
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February 27, 2020

Jessica Pieruccini – Employee Spotlight

Jessica Pieruccini started with Accountable Healthcare in April 2019 as a Benefits Coordinator.  She was new to her HR role and eager to learn.  Jessica is an asset to the HR team and is always willing to help in any way. 

“I was born in Brazil and moved to the United States when I was eight years old. I have ever since lived in Florida with my family. Moving here from another country taught me the value of family and how important they are. I am currently working towards completing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human resources. Along with managing my time with school, I am also working on planning a wedding. I am newly engaged, and I am looking forward to planning my wedding this year. Besides studying and planning a wedding, I enjoy my free time spending time with family, friends, and my dog Polly. Polly is a one-year-old Maltese that has a lot of energy and lights up my world; it is amazing how having a pet truly fills up your heart with joy.”

Overall, Jessa has a “can do” spirit.  She enjoys learning and always willing to go the extra mile.  

Jessica’s positive attitude and enthusiasm to grow has been inspiring. We look forward to her growth with Accountable.

Thank you, Jessica, for everything you do!