Accountable Healthcare - Basic Nursing Reminders
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March 25, 2020

Basic Nursing Reminders

For those working in a healthcare facility, this list is a reminder of what needs to be done when you go home each day.

1. Take sanitizing wipes in your car so you can wipe down the steering wheel.

2. Take some flip flops and keep them in your car. Put the flip flops on when you get to your car and put your work shoes in a box in the trunk.

3. Each night Lysol the shoes you had on at work.

4. Strip immediately once you arrive home and take the clothes you had on at work and bag them separately until you are ready to wash them

5. Another option is to take another set of clothes to work and change into them before leaving. If you are wearing hospital clothes in the car, then germs are getting on the car seats or put a towel down in the driver’s seat to be washed with your clothes.

6. Take a shower and scrub with soap before touching your family (be sure you are not re-using the towel = one towel per shower or bath – spray down shower or bath daily)

7. Wash your work clothes separately… do not mix with family items. Suggested they be washed in hot water and add about ½ cup of vinegar. Drying in sunlight is also helpful.

8. And as always you can’t wash your hands enough

9. You can carry baggies in the car to put all supplies that you may have in your pockets (pens, alcohol wipes etc.) Baggies are also good to put over your hand when pumping gas.

10. Limit what bags you are carrying into the hospital. Suggest you only take a disposal lunch bag and keys