Accountable Healthcare - Travel Nursing: TEN STEPS To Get You Started
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May 19, 2020

Travel Nursing: TEN STEPS To Get You Started

10 steps to get started travel nursing

ReyAnn shares the TEN STEP process that helped her land her first travel nurse job here in California. Travel nursing is a very unique and amazing opportunity that she thinks all nurses should try at least once in their career. ReyAnn feels truly blessed to be apart of this community as it has opened so many doors for her and for the future.

Below you will find the 10 steps ReyAnn talks about in her video at the end.

1. Get your license

ReyAnn states that she highly suggests getting a compact license. She says it just makes the process so much easier, especially with those states that use compact licenses.

2. Get Experience

Most hospitals want 2 years of experience, however, it is not impossible to get a job as a travel nurse with less than 2 years. ReyAnn said that if your specialty is any of the following that 2 years of experience is probably best; ER, ICU, PACU, OR, or Cath Lab. She says that with travel nursing you hit the ground running and have a lot less orientation so you have to be ready for that. 

3. Update your certifications

ReyAnn suggests taking advantage of any and all facility paid/offered certifications/renewals while you are still working at your permanent/staff hospital/facility. As these can tend to get pricey. 

4. Find the perfect recruiter

ReyAnn says that you almost want a recruiter that feels like a friend, someone who has your back. Someone you feel really comfortable with. A recruiter who won’t lowball you, that fights for you and one that offers you things that other companies won’t.

She suggests have 3-4 recruiters/agencies under your belt. Agencies of different sizes. She says this is to help you compare their pay packages.

5. Preparing profile/ paperwork

ReyAnn says to keep all your paperwork together, in one area so you can build your profile easier. This paperwork includes, but isn’t limited to the application, resume, nursing license(s), certifications, references and your skills checklist

6. Submitting your contract

You may find that you have a hard time getting the first contract, ReyAnn says to look at these three things if you aren’t getting a contract. 1. How picky are you being? 2. How much money are you asking for? 3. How much experience do you have. She says to make sure you discuss your non-negotiables with your recruiter prior. 

Also, remember don’t take it personal if you don’t get the job. Just keep applying and trying. 

7. Do your research

One one of the biggest pieces of advice ReyAnn offers is to do your research. She says to reach out on Travel Nurse Facebook groups like The Gypsy Nurse. ReyAnn said to do your research on the hospitals themselves, ask fellow nurses, and even the person interviewing you. She also highly suggesting researching the location of the hospital. But all around do your research!

8. Signing the contract

Make sure you understand everything in the contract and that you read it thoroughly as it is a legally binding contract between you, the hospital/facility, and the agency. Be sure you understand the pay break down, the bill rate, and the contract in general. If you don’t understand it be sure to ask your recruiter for clarification. 

9. On-boarding paperwork/exams

This is the time to get all the necessary paperwork and exams you may need to start the contract. 

10. Starting your assignment

At this point, your recruiter should be checking in with you frequently to make sure everything is going well. 

ReyAnn discusses these steps in more detail. The previous information are just a brief overview of the video. We hope these ten steps to help get started travel nursing have helped you and hope the following video inspires some of you to step into this crazy awesome lifestyle.

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