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March 8, 2021

Top 5 Locations for Travel RNs

Everyone loves a great adventure, and if you’re looking for an adventure where you get paid, Travel Nursing is a great way to do that!   But what are the best places to visit? Well it depends on what you’re looking for. Scenic highways, gorgeous land and seascapes, or bright neon lights?

No need to go any further. Using information from, here’s our TOP 5 places we staff!

Best for Aspiring Artists (or those who appreciate art)? –
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Enjoy beautiful, Southwestern Landscapes. Some of the best local art galleries and art museums in the world. And of course, amazing Southwestern cuisine! There isn’t a better place to go to appreciate a beautiful landscape, whether in real life or on canvas.

Best for History Buffs? –
Washington, DC

Before you say “No way! It’s too political!”, hear me out! DC is the home of the Smithsonian Museums. Everyone can find something great to explore from American History, our Space History, Art (of all kinds), and, of course, the National Zoo. Additionally, they are always having special events and many of the museums allow you to see their regular collection for FREE! Oh Yeah!

Best for Nightlife? –
Las Vegas, Nevada

I feel like I should kind of say duh…. But I won’t. Known for casinos, spectacular shows, clubs, and trendy restaurants, if nightlife is your thing, this is the place to go!

Best Laid Back Lifestyle? – Nantucket, Massachusetts

Postcard Perfect! Beautiful all year round, Nantucket Island is located off the coast of Cape Cod. You’ll love the gorgeous beaches, classic sea side cottages, historic lighthouses, and steeple churches. Additionally, there are lots of places to get a East Coast Classic: the Lobster Roll!

Best for Scenic Highways? – California Coast

Twisting roads hugging steep cliffs are perfect for a slow drive and Highway 1 in California fits the bill. Fun Fact: California’s Hwy 1 was the reason why convertibles were created (not a real fact – but it would be an accurate statement). Running from San Diego in the South to San Francisco in the North, you could spend months making your way up the coast, working along the way.

No matter where you decide to go, we’ve got you covered! Grab an assignment to one of these amazing destinations with Accountable and we will see you out there on your next adventure!