Accountable Healthcare - Employee Spotlight – Jenny Hoang
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July 7, 2022

Employee Spotlight – Jenny Hoang


I am Jenny Hoang and I am the Lead Senior Recruiter at Accountable School Staffing. I have been with the Accountable team since Fall of 2016. I graduated from the University of North Texas with my degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. After graduating, a friend from college sent me the job posting to Accountable School Staffing since it was in the same city. Fast forward to today and I am still happy that I applied!

My time at Accountable School Staffing has been wonderful. I enjoy working with my team and appreciate having an amazing boss who is always there to assist. Recruiting has been fun for me, as I enjoy helping people and get to interact with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Although it has its challenges, I am happy to say that it also has its rewards. It excites me when I have returning candidates year after year, knowing there are many competitors out there. I love the fact that my candidates can confide in me to assist with their career choices.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter! We both love to play on the Nintendo Switch, bake, swim, and craft. During the pandemic, we learned about the crafting world and have been obsessed with our Cricut machine! We have spent countless time crafting- making shirts, jewelry, tumblers, signs, etc.

My time at Accountable School Staffing has been amazing and I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

-Jenny Hoang

“I have been working with Jenny for 5 years and wouldn’t want anyone else. She is very accessible and always has my back!!! She is an amazing representative of the company! She’s the reason I stay with AHC instead of another agency!”

Karie L. - School Psychologist.

“Jenny has been amazing since day one... she is the best!!! Thank you for hiring her!”

Jenny H. - School Psychologist.

“Jenny is an amazing Recruiter and sets the bar for others on the team. She takes pride in her work, takes great care of her HCPs, is a team player, and a wonderful Recruiter Lead.  I appreciate her contributions and feel blessed to have her on the School Division Team!”

Julie McCullam - School Division Director, Accountable Healthcare Staffing.