Accountable Healthcare - Employee Spotlight – Leilani Santos
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August 1, 2022

Employee Spotlight – Leilani Santos


I’m Leilani, the Accountable Chicago Branch Recruiter. I have a great sense of humor and try to be very optimistic even in not-so-ideal situations. I am a team player and a natural leader. I was born and raised in Chicago and still live in Chicago with my husband, grandma, and 2 giant Saint Bernard pups. I am a Chicago fan…Cubs, Bears, Bulls, you name it. I enjoy fashion and have a massive collection of very unique shoes. I enjoy long walks by the lakefront and trying out different restaurants. I listen to Latin, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Motown, Oldies, and rock. I have a passion for dancing. I am tiny in stature, but I make up for it with a huge personality.

 I started my healthcare career path approximately 18 years ago. I initially started working in Prevention and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation. I enjoyed playing a role in aiding individual recovery and becoming a support system to many patients that entered our program. I then started working in the school system, and part of my role was to assist our school nurse in assessing and attending to students with medical complaints. During this time, I had to check vitals, monitor medications, conduct intake assessments for students, and monitor symptoms. Once I obtained my BA in Psychology from DePaul University, I was looking for a change in pace that would allow me to put my education to practice.  During this time, I was taking care of my grandparents, who were no longer able to care for themselves. When an opportunity became available in Home Care/Home Health as a supervisor, it seemed like a natural fit to work with the elderly.  It was during this time that I realized I have a passion for helping people and making sure I leave a lasting positive print in their lives, whether it be a coworker, patient, or client. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed in 2018, so I decided to take a break from Home Care/Home Health and start a new journey. I started working with Accountable Healthcare Staffing in the Fall of 2018 as a Healthcare Recruiter. I wasn’t sure how successful I would be since this was out of my element. It was shortly after I got my first “LOCK” for a sterile processing tech, that I took off like a rocket, and the sky was the limit. I learned how to dance the dance and successfully managed to get many HCPs working and to stay working with us, thanks to having an amazing AHS Chicago team. I enjoy getting people jobs that make them happy. I’m not sure where my career path will lead me, but I can say that Accountable feels like my second family, and I’m proud to be a part of The Chicago Team!

“When I met Leilani for our first interview nearly four years ago – I knew she’d be a strong addition to our Chicago Team. The Team, our HCPs and our Clients all greatly benefit from Leilani’s consistent production of qualified HCPs to fill our client’s needs. Leilani helps to make Accountable a powerhouse staffing resource in Chicago’s Healthcare Staffing Market!”

Jeff Jacobsen
Regional Vice-President
Accountable Healthcare Staffing, NE Region