Accountable Healthcare - Specialties To Consider as a Travel Nurse
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August 17, 2022

Specialties To Consider as a Travel Nurse

If you’re a nurse looking to change it up, you may consider becoming a traveling nurse. Travel nurses are always in demand, and there are many benefits to going this route on your career path. Travel nurses have job security, make more money than traditional nurses, and are able to visit a wide range of places all over the country, which makes it easier to avoid burnout. The key is determining which type of travel nurse you want to become. There are a wide variety of specialties.

NICU Travel Nurse

Sometimes, new families experience birth trauma that sends them to the neonatal intensive care unit. NICU travel nurses are responsible for providing care to babies who were born prematurely or who are otherwise too sick to go home right away. The parents of these babies are often distraught, which means it’s important for nurses in this field to be compassionate, kind, and willing to communicate with parents often. NICU nurses must have a wide variety of certifications, including the BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP certifications. NICU travel nurses can make an average of just under $80,000 per year.

Operating Room Nurses

Nurses who can work in operating rooms are highly sought after. Typically, operating rooms are the biggest source of income for a hospital, which means traveling OR nurses are usually very highly paid. There are three types of OR nurses. Circulating nurses take care of post-op patients and document their progress. Scrub nurses are responsible for assisting surgeons during operations. Finally, RN first assistants help with surgeries under the supervision of a surgeon. They can make incisions, suture wounds, and more. Operating room nurses must be calm in high-stress situations and have strong attention to detail.

Oncology Travel Nurse

Oncology nurses are in high demand all over the country. Oncology travel nurses are responsible for traveling to different areas of the country and providing care for cancer patients who are either in remission or terminal. These types of nurses must be highly educated about cancer treatment procedures and the side effects that can occur due to chemotherapy, radiation, or other types of cancer treatments. You must be highly compassionate and great at communication if you wish to do well in this role. You will need to be licensed and have at least one year of experience as well. The typical traveling oncology nurse will make nearly $101,000 annually.

Pediatric Travel Nurses

If you love to work with children, becoming a pediatric travel nurse may be for you. Pediatric nurses are responsible for caring for children, pre-teens, and teens. They may monitor vitals and administer medications, but they also perform developmental screenings. Because many children are afraid of going to the doctor, it is important that a pediatric nurse understands children and is compassionate. Pediatric nurses are also responsible for educating parents and children after a diagnosis. The job, which covers a wide range of skills and abilities, earns you about $98,000 annually.

ER Travel Nurse

Emergency rooms are always overcrowded and understaffed, so if you like a job that is fast-paced and always has something new to offer, becoming an ER travel nurse may be just right for you. ER nurses must be quick on their feet, well-organized, able to communicate well, and compassionate. You often need t make quick decisions and are what most people consider the front lines of a hospital. Many ERs require you to have PALS, BLS, and ACLS certifications in addition to your license and experience. ER nurses typically make nearly $107,000 per year.

Whether you want to work with children or are interested in the compassionate task of working in oncology, there is a travel nurse job for you. The key is to find the specialty that speaks to you. These are just a few of the specialties you can choose from. There are hundreds of specialties for travel nurses to choose from.