Accountable Healthcare - The Growth of Telehealth: What It Means for The Future Of Nursing
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September 8, 2023

The Growth of Telehealth: What It Means for The Future Of Nursing

The growth of telehealth holds significant promise for the future of the Nursing profession. Patients and healthcare professionals have embraced the potential of the service, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, to improve patient care, patient outcomes, and make healthcare more convenient and cost-effective.

As telehealth services continue to evolve and expand, Nurses can expect to incorporate various telehealth systems into their daily practice. Here are just some of the fantastic benefits of telehealth and how the growth of the service could impact the future of Nursing.

Telehealth Will Become The Standard

As technology becomes more accessible and user-friendly, telehealth will likely become a standard part of the healthcare delivery process for Nurses. Telehealth services have proven to be as effective as in-person care for managing specific chronic diseases and treating behavioral health.

Telehealth provides patients and healthcare professionals with a more convenient and efficient way to access and deliver care. As telehealth services continue to broaden their reach, it can be expected that Nurses will incorporate more and more telehealth services into their daily work.  

Chronic Disease Management with Remote Monitoring Devices

Remote monitoring technology has completely changed how patients and Nurses manage chronic diseases. Chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension require strict medication adherence and healthy lifestyle habits.

Remote monitoring devices such as blood glucose monitors, ECG monitors, and wearable blood pressure cuffs allow patients to easily share their health information with healthcare professionals. Nurses can then work to educate their patients or implement interventions to help patients remain healthy and out of the hospital.

More Convenient and Flexible Healthcare Delivery

One of the most significant benefits of telehealth services is the convenience and flexibility it provides both the patient and healthcare provider. Telehealth allows patients to receive quality Nursing care without traveling to a physical clinic or hospital, which is especially beneficial for patients who may be homebound or live in rural communities and do not have immediate access to care.

Nurses can quickly provide advice, educate patients, relay medication changes, and so much more, all while never actually being in the exact location as the patient.

Increased Mental Health Support

Mental health support through telehealth services has emerged as a valuable and practical approach to providing accessible and convenient mental health services. There is a significant lack of mental health professionals across the country. Telehealth platforms allow mental health providers to reach patients who may not be able to access in-person mental health services.

Telehealth mental health support has many benefits, including increased accessibility, convenience, flexibility, and reduced patient stigma. Telehealth allows Nurses to conduct virtual therapy sessions, provide emotional support, and monitor a patient's mental health and well-being through phone calls, secure text messaging, or video chat, all within the comfort of the patient's home.

Access to Education and Training

Nurses must continue to broaden their knowledge and seek continuing education. With telehealth, information can be quickly and easily accessed from any laptop or smartphone.

Virtual workshops, continuing education courses and training, and professional mentorship are just a few ways telehealth can help Nurses improve their skills and knowledge. Continuing education is essential for Nurses across any specialty. With telehealth, keeping up with new and emerging health information has never been easier.

Telehealth and Our Future

There is a bright future in telehealth for Nurses. As resources and technology evolve, telehealth will empower Nurses to deliver patient-centered care, extend their reach beyond the traditional hospital or clinic setting and contribute to more efficient, accessible, and effective healthcare.