Accountable Healthcare - The Autumn Adventure: Top Destinations for Travel Nurses
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October 20, 2023

The Autumn Adventure: Top Destinations for Travel Nurses

As the crisp autumn air greets us and the leaves begin their colorful transformation, travel nurses have the unique opportunity to blend their professional commitments with the joys of traveling. For those working with staffing agencies, like Accountable, fall provides a canvas of destinations that combine stunning scenery, engaging activities, and opportunities for career development. Here are some of the best locations to consider for your next fall travel nursing assignment.

New England

New England’s iconic fall foliage, charming towns, and serene landscapes make it a picturesque destination for travel nurses. Places like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine offer not only breathtaking vistas but also top-tier healthcare facilities seeking temporary staffing during the fall months.


The Centennial State offers an impeccable combination of vibrant autumn colors and opportunities for outdoor adventures. With its world-class hospitals and medical facilities, travel nurses can enjoy a balance of professional growth and leisure activities like hiking and exploring mountain trails.


Washington State is renowned for its diverse natural beauty. The fall season embellishes the landscape with vibrant hues, and the moderate climate makes it perfect for outdoor exploration. Seattle and its neighboring cities host numerous medical centers, offering a variety of assignments for travel nurses.

New York

New York offers an eclectic mix of urban and rural settings. In the fall, the state’s parks and forests are aflame with colors, providing a striking contrast to the iconic cityscape. With a multitude of healthcare facilities, travel nurses have ample opportunities for short-term assignments.

North Carolina

The Tar Heel State is known for its warm hospitality, rich history, and stunning fall foliage in the Appalachian Mountains. Cities like Asheville and Charlotte combine southern charm with cutting-edge medical facilities, making it an attractive destination for travel nurses.

Tips for Travel Nurses in the Fall

  • Accommodation: Connect with your staffing agency to find comfortable and convenient accommodations near your assigned healthcare facility.
  • Licensing: Ensure that your nursing license and certifications are up to date and applicable in the state you’ll be working in.
  • Climate Prep: Pack accordingly for the fall weather, which can range from warm days to chilly evenings.
  • Local Exploration: Embrace the local culture and community; explore nearby parks, attend fall festivals, and engage with locals to enrich your experience.

The fall season is an opportune time for travel nurses to combine their passion for healthcare with the joys of travel. Choosing a location that aligns with both your professional and personal interests will ensure an enriching and rewarding autumn adventure. Reach out to your Accountable Recruiter for available assignments in these picturesque destinations and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience of personal and professional growth amidst nature’s fall splendor.