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The Better Choice for
Healthcare Staffing

Partnering with Accountable Healthcare Staffing means working with experts in recruiting, screening, credentialing, and competency validation of healthcare professionals. We understand the challenges of balancing safe staffing levels with financial considerations and offer cost-effective choices to our clients. Join us and discover the difference Accountable can make for your facility.

Why Join
as a
Client Partner?

Trust us to provide exceptional staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs and that each candidate selected for your organization meets your hiring criteria. From major medical centers to community-based hospitals, outpatient clinics, and correctional and long-term care facilities, we understand the unique needs of diverse healthcare settings.

Accountable goes above and beyond to make sure their clients receive the very best in their contracts. They thoroughly explain every contract, especially renewals and/or changes. They also ensure all information is revealed upfront. The team is consistently professional, open, and honest. This is exactly what you want in a company.

Staffing Solutions

Redefining the
MSP Model

Our MSP model is an efficient way to address candidate recruitment and multiple staffing vendors and contracts. Our competitively-priced services maintain high quality and help achieve financial, operational, and clinical goals.

We simplify and streamline hiring for long and short-term contracts, reduce administrative and management burdens, and offer simplified billing with a single point of contact.

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Your Source
for RPO

To increase candidate quality and reduce risk, our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) division sets standards and requirements when recruiting for our client’s internal openings. We optimize candidate quality and time-to-hire and significantly reduce recruitment costs while providing metrics.

Choosing us makes hiring predictable, repeatable, scalable, and cost-effective, leaving you more time to focus on what matters most – providing quality healthcare.

Quality Assurance
Handled Here

When you hire through us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best. With fourteen unique points of verification, we provide quality, reliable staffing solutions to our partner organizations and a wonderful company reputation for our associates.

Some of our key quality indicators include verification of certifications and licenses, one year of recent experience, reference checks, AHS orientation, and Joint Commission and OSHA mandatory in-services completion. Anyone with expired credentials cannot be scheduled through our system.

We regularly provide each client with customized reports that show detailed analytics and measurements of how we are performing, including the following:

  • Fill Ratios
  • Customer Spend
  • Performance Surveys
  • Cancellation Patterns

In short, we provide you with every data and measurement to validate our performance. Our main objective is to show you, our client, that we are delivering what we promise.

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